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Ravi Rice has been bringing rice to your table for over 35 years. As Pakistan's preeminent rice producer and exporter with the name of

KAS Exporters & Importers
We offer the highest quality rice and a distinctive of innovative rice products in local as well as foreign market with a respective and trusty name.




We are well known traders and exporters in the Rice Market with the name of KAS Exporters & Importers and are located in Okara, Pakistan, which is a famous agricultural zone especially for Basmati Rice. Ravi rice started its business in early 70’s and developed the business gradually. It was in the late 90’s that our forefathers showed their charisma in opening the door for new machinery installation which were directly import from Japan and Germany. Building was re-constructed purposefully. Mill is duly equipped with modern rice shelling machinery of present time. With the passage of time the machinery is getting replaced with modern technology with addition to pre-cleaners, dryers, storage, paddy cleaners, water polishers, dry polishers, Graders & Aspirator, Husk separators, Aspiration Channel, Plan shifter, Length graders which makes the rice product our specialty. Now we are one of the biggest rice producers and exporters in our region.


( KAS E&I)

The KASE&I is the sister enterprise of the Ravi Rice Mills, Okara (RRMO), which was established in early 70s, and today with sheer hard-work, dedication and continuous improvement, it has earned a zenith of reputation in the world by producing excellent and outstanding quality of rice. Our multidimensional family industrial empire was established in 1980, which includes Salva Oil & General Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Fazal Paper Mills (Pvt) Ltd, Sugar Trading, CNG Stations, Potato Cold Storage, Poultry Farms and agriculture land.

RRMO is the result of visionary entrepreneurship of dynamic, committed and highly skilled professional management team, assisted by a dedicated workforce. The spirit to surpass in the quality of rice has enabled us compete in the international trade market achieving unprecedented results

We supply the world’s supreme quality rice, renowned for its exquisite taste and the rich distinctive aroma.  Our quality rice takes birth in the most fertile plains of Pakistan. It is harvested with delicate care, brought  to yield under close supervision and  then processed to perfection by utilising most modern machinery to provide you pearls of rice grain, most palatable, relishing and fragrant. Our modern mechanical process, besides  making the grain of rice extra long and white, also produces parboiled basmati rice, which is also novel in brewing, taste and fragrance. This unique quality rice is grown once a year in the plains of Punjab, the region renowned for yielding  most  exquisite crops.  

The KAS&I has been exporting rice , both parboiled and white, in various types to different countries of the world under its title. The rice consignments are exported in different brands of RRMO, which are well identified in the market.


Mr Khalil-ur-Rehman, the Managing Partner of M/S KASE&I,  partner of RRMO, is the son of well reputed businessman Ch Muhammad Shafiq alias M/S Zafar Shafiq & Brothers, Okara. His family acclaims renown  as being the most moderately religious, charitable, humanity-loving and always rubs shoulder with society in all national needs and calamities magnanimously.  Ch Khalil-ur-Rehman joined family business in 2002. In recognition to his services in the filed of rice processing and exports country-wide, he was awarded with the FPCCI Young Entrepreneur Export Achievement Award, 2010, and a Trophy by the President of Pakistan. He was elected as Vice President of the OCCI for the year 2010-11. In lieu to expanding his business on the globe, he had visited various countries.

When Pakistan appeared on the world map on 14th August, 1947, Ch Fazal Din migrated from India with all his sons and family and settled at village 48/3R, in Okara suburbs. Under his lead and guidance each male member of the family dedicated himself to  continuous hard-work in the field of agriculture and business as a crusader in the battle field of life. The collective struggle of the family members raised them  to the unprecedented zenith of progress and prosperity. They opened new vistas towards success for their coming generations and stepped into industrial world. They erected monuments of family industry, as mentioned earlier. Now every adult descendent of Ch Fazal Din (Blessed be his soul!) heads at least one independent enterprise and adds to the collective progress of the family


Ravi Rice Mills, Okara, provides base for the establishment of KAS Exporters & Importers, as a producing unit. Mr Khalil-ur-Rehman represents RRMO as partner and the KASE&I as Managing Partner.
Whereas Mr Saeed-ur-Rehman represents RRMO as Managing  Partner and KASE&I as partner.
Both personalities work in their capacities in close coordination and working relationship with each other.
All the responsibilities of running RRMO in lieu to Seed Distribution, Paddy Collection, Paddy Grading, Boiling, Paddy Steaming, Paddy Drying, Paddy Cleaning, Husking, Polishing, Colour Sorting, Rice Grading, Packing and Shipment of pure traditional varieties of rice, without any genetic alterations to ensure 100% Natural Products solely remain in the hands of Mr Saeed-ur-Rehman Managing Partner RRMO.

Whereas Mr Khalil-ur-Rehman the Managing Partner KASE&I is responsible to achieving and enhancing bargain and sales targets in the national and international markets, and develop commercial contacts and links on the globe. In the year 2010-11, as vice president of the Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI), he not only represented the OCCI at the highest forums of Pakistan and abroad, but also won pride of introducing the KASE&I and RRMO wherever he visited.


The RRMO took start from a straw, and now it is well recognised the world over through KASE&I. The cherished aim of this commercial run-up was to achieve sublime exquisiteness of production and win the confidence and trust of its worthy customers, wherever on the globe they be.

The KASE&I and the RRMO staunchly believe that first and foremost responsibility of any enterprise in the country is to join hand in raising the strength of national economy. So , the RRMO and KASE&I remain in constant struggle to bring heaviest flows of foreign exchange to Pakistan by achieving and accomplishing large targets  of international market for their product.

The RRMO and KASE&I are Pakistan-based enterprises. Being Pakistani is their pride. To add to the dignity, honour and trust to Pakistan from all over the world is sole destination of these two interlinked enterprises.



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