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What is Rice?
Rice is the seed of a monocot plant Oryza sativa. As a cereal grain, it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in East, South, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the West Indies. It is the grain with the second highest worldwide production, after maize ("corn").

Rice is quick and easy to prepare. It is an economic choice and an ideal companion to more expensive dishes. Rice is mild in flavor making it an ideal accompaniment to spicy dishes. It enhances the subtleties of fish, chicken or other mildly flavored dishes as well. It is delicious in both traditional and more modern gourmet recipes.

All of these features have made rice a regular for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the world over. In addition to its convenience and simplicity, rice offers important nutritional value. Rice is a complex carbohydrate, vital to fuelling the body. Complex carbohydrates are stored in muscles and released as energy when needed. Nutritionists recommend that over half of our caloric intake should come in the form of complex carbohydrates such as rice.

Rice protein is considered one of the highest quality proteins compared to that of other grains. It has all eight essential amino acids necessary building blocks for strong muscles. It is also one of the few foods that are considered non-allergenic. Rice contains no gluten, fat, cholesterol or sodium, making it very well suited for people with special dietary needs.

Best of all, rice can be prepared in countless ways, offering a wide range of delicious alternatives. Its no wonder rice is the world's favorite food!

The process begins as soon as rice arrives from the fields.
Paddy to Rice Processing:

Paddy rice is the individual rice seed that is in their natural, unprocessed state. Sometimes referred to as jagged rice, paddy rice is harvested directly from rice fields and transported to a processing site
Ravi Rice is one of the leading processors, millers, suppliers and exporters of the finest quality Pakistani super kernel basmati rice. We export rice in all broken percentages, different Polishing (regular polish, double polish, etc…) well cleaned, extra-well milled and different grain lengths ranging from 5.5 mm to 7.4 mm AGL (average grain length).

All basmati and non-basmati varieties together with parboiled (Sella) basmati rice are also available for supply in bulk quantities.

Rice to Rice Processing:
The process begins as soon as rice arrives from the fields. Foremost, whole or paddy rice is dehusked by a rubber roll Sheller to produce brown rice. The outer tough protective coating is removed having no effect on the nutritional composition of the grain within the husk.

Clearing Section and Storage:
The processing capacity of Ravi Rice Mill is 120 tons/per day in Sella Rice and in Export Quality it is more then 240 tons/ per day. Separate Godown with Accumulated storage capacity for Paddy 10,000 bags, and Export quality for 80,000 bags is defiantly a perimeter to Ravi Rice Mills.
During the milling phase the rice moves through a versatile process. When rice arrives at the mill, it is ushered through a series of sorting machines, separating the kernels, encased in an inedible hull or husk, from any wreckage.
The rough rice passes through our “Sheller" machines that remove the hull. What remains is brown rice, with the bran layers still surrounding the kernel. The grains of brown rice are milled by machines that rub the grains together under pressure. This abrasion removes the bran layer, revealing white or "polished" rice.
Mills produce parboiled rice. Parboiling is a steam pressure process in which rough rice is soaked, steamed and dried before milling. Milled white rice, at its best, is made up of clean, polished, whole kernels.

Before start of milling, the paddy is once again cleaned to ensure total abolition of any left over impurities by the pre-cleaning plant. To avoid rupture and damage to the delicate basmati grains Buhler's Special Rubber Roll Hullers are employed in stages to separate brown rice from husk which is blown out by aspirators and any left over paddy grains in the brown rice are separated by Buhler table separators and brown rice is further screened by special width graders to remove unhealthy shriveled and green grains. The brown rice is than subjected to polishing operation.

Double polished/silky rice is than passed through our latest Plan Sifters and series of Length Graders (Indented Cylinders) to separate small, medium & large broken from the Head Rice which are collected in separate Bins through Auto Scales indicating the weight of each By-Product being produced. Our Mill is on 3rd Number in all over Pakistan who has a proper grading System.


Sella Unit – 120 ton per day capacity
Processing Unit – 240 ton per day production
Processing Unit – 240 ton per day production
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